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Trujillo: Just 12 kilometres away is the small and beautiful town of Trujillo , with a history going back for three thousand years. It is a fascinating place to wander in and admire: take in the view of the medieval square from the castle, or look up at the castle from the square. You will love the palaces tucked into corners, the old balconies and courtyards, the narrow streets, fine churches, museums and great selection of restaurants. In Trujillo we find the signs of three great cultures: the Muslims with the 10 th century castle and the Aljibe, Jewish with the old quarter south of the main square and Christian with the nobles' mansions and churches.

Trujillo is also well known for its events, such as the Fiesta of Chíviri, celebrated on Easter Sunday when the main square is filled with thousands in traditional dress, and the Cheese Fair, the largest of its kind in Spain which takes place at the beginning of May.