El Recuerdo casa rural



  • We are convinced that changes for a better world start at home.
  • Our solar panels produce most of our domestic energy requirements.
  • We recycle as much of our waste that is possible.
  • We have eliminated the use of plastic water bottles and hugely reduced our use of plastic packaging.
  • We purchase local products. We actively support local producers and businesses by being part of local associations like the Cheese Route and Ham Route of Extremadura.

  • We offer home-grown products, from our ecological vegetable garden, olive oil and free-range eggs.
  • We support local conservation. We donate to AMUS (a wild animal rescue centre and leading conservation organisation), support a bird conservation project through the Birding in Extremadura Club and volunteer time to monitoring wildlife.
  • We follow an ethical code in our nature guiding activities to ensure the welfare of wildlife comes first.
  • Light pollution monitoring with low cost photometers designed by astronomers with the aim of studying the evolution of this problem. Fotometria